How your Mind Creates the Movie of Your Life (and why you play the role so perfectly!)

Have you every wondered why YOU are the way your are? 

Past experiences?

Sure, they all play a role but HOW and WHY do all of these ingredients blend together to make 

Today, we're going behind the scenes to find out how your mind is right this second making the movie of your life. 

First, imagine that you are a movie set. You, in all of your unique glory, are a movie in the making. The key parts have been divided as follows:

Your emotions write the script. 
Your conscious mind directs the film. 
Your subconscious mind pulls the puppet strings. 
Your body plays the part. 

Read the first one again. 

If we’re honest, every single one of us can admit to being ruled by emotion at least once in our lives. Whether through an argument with a loved one, a bereavement, or a break-up, we’ve all lost ourselves to emotions at some point. (I can think of a handful right now, and they were all in the last 6 months!) Here are some justifications I’ve fed myself over the years: 

I am a fiery person. 
I’m half Filipina. (Apologies, Filipinos!)
It’s healthy to let myself feel things. 
I am not a robot. 
I can’t help it.
I can’t just pretend all is well if it clearly isn’t.
I’ll feel better if I talk about the problem over and over again.
Other people agree that this situation is outrageous and so it definitely is outrageous.
Things will get better in time. 

As a new student of the mind, I realise now that in giving my emotions free rein (and then justifying them), I  was supplying them with a fresh pad of paper and pen with which to write the script of my life, or at least one chapter of it. I then acted out the script like a Julliard scholar. This is why: 

How the Conscious and Subconscious Minds Work 

The job of the conscious mind is to make impressions of our external environment as we go about our days. Those impressions are made with our five senses: sight, sound, hearing, touch and taste. When your conscious mind senses something, it sends imprints to your subconscious- kind of like taking a mental journal of your day. (Entries may include: my work day is finished. I am at the gym. It’s dinner time. It’s time for a glass of wine.)

Your subconscious mind then creates your identity based on the notes in your journal. (I am a worker. I am someone who exercises. I am a cook. I am a drinker of wine.) This then triggers actions, behaviours and habits with which your body complies. (I work 9 hours every day. I exercise 4 times per week. I cook every night. I have a glass of wine occasionally.) 

So where do emotions come in?

Emotions can be linked with the word impressions. As your conscious mind goes about its task of note-taking, your thoughts and emotions influence the impressions that your mind makes. Consider the examples below and spot the difference in the messages sent to your subconscious mind:

Perception 1: My work day is finished. 
Negative emotion: Thank goodness. I’m exhausted. 
Subconscious Imprint: Work is tiring. It exhausts me. 
Positive emotion: I achieved so much today. It’s time to rest now.
Subconscious Imprint: I am efficient at work. I have a good work-life balance. 

Perception 2: I am at the gym. 
Negative emotion: This is awful but I have to do it. Only 10 more minutes.
Subconscious Imprint: Exercise is hard for me. It is a chore.
Positive emotion: It’s so good to move my body after a full day of work. I love running!
Subconscious Imprint: I am a runner. I have been waiting all day for this. 
Perception 3: It’s dinner time. 
Negative emotion: I wish I didn’t have to cook. If only dinner were ready for me when I came home. 
Subconscious Imprint: Cooking is a chore. Cooking is an extension of the work day. 

Positive emotion: Cooking relaxes me. It’s time for me. 
Subconscious Imprint: I am a chef. I like taking this time to create.
(The examples above are extreme in that there's definitely room for a neutral option in each case, but you can see where I’m going with this.)

Our emotionalised thoughts literally shape our realities. We think we feel exhausted after a long day at work, but in actual fact, we feel exhausted because we’ve told our conscious minds:
(a) That the day is long.
(b) That we are exhausted by that long day. 

Our conscious minds have heard that message so many times that it has dutifully passed it to our subconscious, which has then created our identities as follows:
(a) I am someone who works long hours. 
(b) I am someone who is always exhausted by work. 

Like puppets, our bodies then comply. They say:
(a) I have so little energy. I need to lie down.
(a) Just thinking about getting up and doing it all again tomorrow just makes me even more tired.

And there you have it. Our dominant thoughts make us who we are. 

The Best Part

The subconscious mind never shoots the messenger. In fact, she trusts him and his imprints completely, because hers are eyes that cannot see. Her eyes feel and her eyes sense. Send an emotion to the subconscious and she will plant it in her fertile garden. She will plant it without analysing the "facts" and she will plant it whether the seeds will grow flowers or weeds.

Knowing that the subconscious plants any emotionalised message is music to the ears of any strategist, hacker or player in the game of life. Why? Because this tiny piece of information gives all of us, every single one of us, the tools to WIN AT LIFE.

All we have to do is throw ourselves into the world of Disney and think like Happy, smile like Olaf and swim like Dory. Basically, we act like optimism personified, even in the face of utter sh*te, and become whomever we wish to be.

(And now we can see why only 2% of the population are billionaires!)

Seriously though. We are all a handful of positive thoughts away from true happiness and success. That means: 

No limitations based on social class. 
No limitations based on education. 
No limitations based on "intelligence." 
In fact, there are no limitations at all. Not unless we choose them.
Ready to be Dory?
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