Creative Visualisation: A Practical Guide for the Active Dreamer

Ever since leaving my job and starting on my own, I’ve been fascinated by the mind-body-soul connection. Thanks to teachers like Vishen Lakhiani, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield and Marisa Peer, I’m learning how to use the rules of the mind to get better at life, and it feels completely liberating. 

Today I sat in a café in Ericeira, Portugal, (one of the EXACT images on my vision board) reading a book by Neville Goddard called Infinite Potential. In Chapter Four, Goddard outlines practical steps on how to visualise and then manifest our desires. Those steps are:

  1. Close your eyes to your present reality. 
  2. Create a time and space in which your desire shall be realised. 
  3. Invite your desire to come to you. 

Let’s take each one in turn. 

Close your eyes to your present reality
(Focus your mind on what you want, not what you don't want)

I first heard this advice through the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks in their Law of Attraction and Ask and It is Given books. It’s based on the universal principle that we get what we think about most- not what we want most. Practically speaking, this means that consciously or not, we’re always asking for something and that something is interpreted by the universe as our dominant thought. I.e we may wish to be fit and healthy, but if our thoughts are always about ill-health or uncontrolled weight, then the latter is what we're asking for because that’s all our minds, bodies and souls can hear from us. This also means that if we want to get better at asking, we have to close our minds to the things we do not want and begin to see only the things which we desire. 

By literally closing our eyes, we’re slowing down our conscious minds. Our conscious minds perceive our 3D, external realities, and so with our eyes closed, we can better focus on our inherent desires. Goddard advises us to switch off our 3D senses and turn our internal vision to only that which we want. That is the first step of creative visualisation. Close your eyes and think about what you want. 

Top tip from Abraham Hicks: Align your thought patterns and thereby practise the skill of wanting by noticing, each time you go out into the world, only the things you wish to see. Try it the next time you leave your apartment. Close your eyes to noise pollution, gossip-laden conversations, the seeming unfriendliness of waitors, and dog mess on the street, and instead, hand-pick only the elements you find pleasurable: trees, autumn leaves, blue skies, the smell of coffee. As you go about your daily life, make mental notes of the things you see and want. Appreciate them and ignore the rest. Then, when you close your eyes to creatively visualise, you’re already off to a great head start. 

Create a time and space in which your desire shall be realised
(Select a shipping address and make sure you're home to receive the parcel)

 With your closed eyes, see yourself in a time and place where your desire can come to you. You can think of it like inputting your shipping address into Amazon, or using the "pin my location" function on Whatsapp- the more specific the image, the stronger the feeling of reality.

On which day would you like your parcel to arrive?

Goddard suggests choosing a day which is familiar to you (e.g. a Monday). He then advises using the subconscious imprints of your Mondays to build that time in your mind. For instance, if Mondays always begin with the school run, see yourself getting the kids ready for school. Notice your clothing, watch yourself gulp down that last sip of coffee, follow yourself to the car. Feel the feeling you always feel when you drop the kids at school. Consider anything else that makes Mondays feel like Mondays. You can even consider the weather and the seasons- anything that builds a clear mental image of your chosen day. You should also select a day when you're free and available to receive the parcel. I.e. if you know Mondays are hectic from start to finish, this is perhaps not the best choice for manifestation. Choose a day where there is a clear window for delivery. 

Where should the universe direct the delivery?

Now that you've set the day, create the space. Your chosen space must match your desire, i.e. if your desire is a promotion, see yourself at work or in your boss's office. If your desire is a new home, see yourself in the estate agent's office or at home yet free and available to take the call. Notice what's in the room: a favourite chair, a painting, a lamp, a desk you always sit at. Through sights, sounds and smells, feel yourself there and feel yourself ready for the delivery.

Invite your desire to come to you.
(You know your shipment is out for delivery. Call the driver and tell them you're home.)

Remember that what you want also wants you...but also remember that there is no substitute for clear communication and the setting of intentions. With this in mind, from your chosen time and place, call your desire to you. Say:

"I invite you now to come to me."
"I am ready."
"I know you're on the way. I am here waiting!" 

Imagine your desire shy and take no chances. Put everything in place so that your desire may reach you and feel the excitement of it coming to you. Imagine how you will feel when there is a knock at the door and your shipment arrives. Imagine the feeling as you hold it in your hands. Bask in that feeling for a few moments. Then count from 1-5 and open your eyes. 


When you open your eyes, your present reality (the one you shut out when you closed your eyes) will be staring you right in the face. Even so, you must make it your mission to go about your day with the full and positive expectancy that your desire will materialise. Let it go, so that your focus on your desire does not turn into a focus on the absence of your desire, but let it go knowing that it shall come to you.

Goodluck fellow dreamers! I shall write on this again once my desire has been realised. I'd love to know how you get on with yours.