Imagine if/ Remember when: The day my blog went VIRAL

"That which you imagine yourself to be today, goes forward and will confront you in the future." 
Neville Goddard
I awoke in the morning with a feeling of positive expectancy. My alarm hadn't yet beeped, but I was awake and ready for the day. I rolled over, feeling the warmth of the bed, and watching the early morning light tint the windows. Then, my morning routine: creative visualisation/visit Dream, get dressed, teach online lessons, run. 
Identity reminders whilst running: I am a runner. I am fit. I am strong. My body loves running. I have a fast metabolism because I am a runner. I am fitter today than I have ever been.
Identity reminders in the shower: I am beautiful. I am healthy. I am young. There is nothing I can't do. 
I wore blue today- it's my colour. 
I tinted my lips
Brushed my hair
Spritzed my curls with Kerastase. 

In my home office, 
I lit the candles (chocolate orange)
Brewed my coffee
Opened my laptop. 

A flock of birds
Swept past the window-
It was afternoon when I checked my Shopify store, and my heart skipped a beat. The days prior (all most other days before that) I'd had an average of 100 store visitors. This time, the Home Page was giving me a very different number. 
Store visits today: 1,000,001.
I read the number again. 1,000,001. I wasn't imagining it. In a state of kilig, (Tagalog for butterflies and excitement) I scrolled down to the Analytics section to review the views. The blog. My blog. My blog about imagination. 1,000,001 views and a whole host of comments. 
Suni from Beijing: "I loved your blog. The imaginary as a star and the imagination as the universe. Yes!!" 
Jo from Newcastle: "Eeeee, I am Gandalf. Those thoughts shall not pass!"
Laura from Leeds: "OMG you're so right! What a waste of my imagination. What a waste of my inner power. Thank you!"
Ruth from Richmond: "I loved The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Changed my life!"
Nicola from Vietnam: "Be your own bestie. Yesssss!!"
Alexa from Spain: "Giiiiirl, I love this. Sharing it! When is your next blog? How do I subscribe?"
Kish from Manila: "Graciiieeeee. This is so GOOD. When can you be a guest on my podcast?"
And so many others. 
I was radiating energy. I felt like going for another run, this time faster - a personal best. First, I called my mam and smiled as I heard her Filipino/Geordie accent say, "Well done, Anak. I knew you could do it."