Mia and the Witch of Siquijor

Did you know that on the island of Siquijor, witches actually exist? Local legend has it that they get their power from an enchanted balete tree, hidden near a turquoise waterfall…

One day, Mia, an eight-year-old girl, finds a peculiar hat in her grandmother’s room. Curious, she pulls it out and takes a closer look. It’s then she spots four strange words sewn into the material. Mia reads the words aloud and then, everything goes black…

Filled with excitement, intrigue and adventurous language, this imaginary tale will have your students hooked- and I’m not just talking about the witch’s nose!

The story video is free to view and download. For the core text, story map and accompanying planning, please visit the KS1 Unit Bundle section of the Shop.

Thanks and happy teaching!

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