Dr Waters and the Immortal Jellyfish

Ollie Middleton, Evie Andrews and Jack Waters are students at the British School Manila. All three are pretty average teenagers, until their residential trip to Mount Purro Ecolodge changes their lives forever…

Bitten by an orchid mantis, Ollie begins to see spirits in the night. First a boy, and then a girl. He’s mouthing something whilst she’s singing a song. Why can he see them and what are they trying to tell him? Meanwhile, Jack’s father, Dr Waters, accidentally passes him the supernatural powers of the Turritopsis Dohrnii- otherwise known as the immortal jellyfish. The changes are striking and Jack feels incredible, but to what end? Later, when a villain comes to town, it will be up to Ollie and Jack to save the day. Find out if they have what it takes.

Find the video story below. For planning, resources and supporting texts, please visit the KS2 section of the Shop.

Happy teaching, everyone!

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