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Based on genres and units from the UK National curriculum, these stories are made to pique children's interest and stir curiosity- hopefully enough to encourage young writers to pick up a pencil and start writing! 

Unlike other story videos which simply tell stories, these resources model how to plan and write a story. Using a story-map format, each video is tailored to the identified age bracket and is designed to show young writers how to construct a written text. The hand-drawn sketches, map lines and punctuation help early writers to internalise language structures, making it easier for them to understand the mechanics of a story. Furthermore, the 5-part story skeleton (opening, build-up, problem, resolution and conclusion) provides children with an easy-to-use frame on which to hang their ideas. 

For more on story mapping in English lessons, visit Online Course library- a course I've shared with colleagues in my role as English lead for Primary at the British School Manila. 

Stories for Ages 5-7

Browse our list of videos below. Simply hit the link to watch for free! Enjoy...

Crush and the Strange Jellyfish

Synopsis: Meet Crush: a 7-year-old turtle who lives in the Indian ocean. One day, he spots a juicy jellyfish and takes a huge bite! Unfortunately, the jellyfish is not a jellyfish- it’s a plastic bag! Use this story to explore oceans, sustainability, the problem of plastic pollution and the concept of global citizenship.

Genre: Ocean Stories

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

Mia and the Witch of Siquijor

 Synopsis: Did you know that on the island of Siquijor, witches actually exist? Don’t believe me? Then, see for yourself! Travel with Mia from her grandmother’s house to the bubbling balete tree of Siquijor island, where mist, magic and witchcraft await…

Genre: Stories from Other Cultures/Imaginary Texts 

Link: Click here to watch this story video. 

More stories coming soon! 

Happy writing, everyone. 

Miss Tiffin xx 

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