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Based on genres and units from the UK National curriculum, these stories are made to pique children's interest and stir curiosity- hopefully enough to encourage young writers to pick up a pencil and start writing! 

Unlike other story videos which simply tell stories, these resources model how to plan and write a story. Using a story-map format, each video is tailored to the identified age bracket and is designed to show young writers how to construct a written text. The hand-drawn sketches, map lines and punctuation help early writers to internalise language structures, making it easier for them to understand the mechanics of a story. Furthermore, the 5-part story skeleton (opening, build-up, problem, resolution and conclusion) provides children with an easy-to-use frame on which to hang their ideas. 

For more on story mapping in English lessons, visit Online Course library- a course I've shared with colleagues in my role as English lead for Primary at the British School Manila. 

Stories for Ages 8-11

Browse our list of videos below. Simply hit the link to watch for free! Enjoy...

Talia's Curse

Synopsis: Set in the Philippines in the 1500s, this tale of fear follows the story of Talia- a young girl who was given to Bakunawa, god of the moon and sea, as a human sacrifice. Filled with bitterness and rage, Talia curses her people and the island on which they live. Find out what happens next...

Genre: Myths and Legends (Filipino)/Stories from Other Cultures

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

Beowulf and the Dragon of Geats

Synopsis: Bring blood, gore and excitement to your classroom with this Viking-inspired, myths and legends unit! Follow Beowulf on his last adventure, and delve into the intriguing world of Norse mythology. 

Genre: Myths and Legends (Vikings)/Stories from Other Cultures

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

The Merchant of Mongolia

Synopsis: Teachers of years 5 and 6, this unit is for you! Our story begins with Whan and Gobi- a penniless merchant and his loveable yak. One day, Whan spots an object gleaming in the snow. He picks it up, and discovers that it is part of a mirror- not just any mirror- Kaira’s mirror. Travel back in time as Whan explores the truth behind the Mongolian legends that have long been told...

Genre: Stories from Other Cultures

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

The Highwayman- Alternative Version

Synopsis: If you’re teaching The Highwayman, take a look at this adapted version of Alfred Noyes’ classic tale - specifically designed for students with English as an additional language. Explore the story, read the poem and immerse your class in rich vocabulary. After all, everyone should experience this epic tale of love and tragedy. 

Genre: Narrative Poetry

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

Dr Waters and the Immortal Jellyfish

Synopsis: Meet Ollie Middleton and Jack Waters. They're ordinary teenagers- until one day, they're not! On a school trip to Mount Purro Eco-Lodge, deep in the forests of the Philippines, Ollie is bitten by an orchid mantis. Although unharmed, he's left with an unearthly ability...

That same summer, Jack's father, Dr Waters, conducts an experiment which goes horribly, horribly wrong, changing Jack's life forever- and a day! 

Genre: Imaginary Texts/Heroes and Villains

Link: Click here to watch this story video.

I hope you liked my videos and that they encourage your students to write. More stories coming soon! 

Happy writing, everyone. 

Miss Tiffin xx 

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