About Grace Tiffin

Grace Tiffin is an international teacher, writer and entrepreneur. 
With the firm belief that every child is a writer and a poet, Grace is dedicated to making the art of writing not only accessible for all children but also enjoyable. Her ultimate goal, and indeed the driving force behind Miss Tiffin's Tales, is to help all children believe that they are writers- writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journals, formal and informal writing alike.  
Trained in the UK, Grace has taken her eleven years of teaching experience and used it to launch Miss Tiffin's Tales. Outside of the traditional classroom setting, Grace will now travel the world, starting in the UK, offering her Café Club to young writers in different countries and cities. Set in quaint and idyllic coffee shops, places where parents can relax at a neighbouring table, the club aims to ignite a true love of writing amongst young writers, no matter their skill or confidence levels. 
Grace also offers private tutoring to individuals or small groups of students, either online or face-to- face, (location dependent). Classes can be tailored with the aim of meeting individual targets or they can target specific genres of writing, depending on personal passions. 
Coming Soon...
Grace is also working on compiling her short stories, written during her eleven years in education. The stories are a collection of tales aimed at inspiring readers to become writers and cover all UK National Curriculum units including Myths and Legends, Traditional Tales and Stories from Other cultures. Watch this space :)
Please take your time in browsing through Miss Tiffin's Tales. If you have any questions, please do contact Grace via email at www.misstiffinstales.com or via her instagram handle @misstiffinstales. 
Thanks again and take care!