About Me

Hi, I'm Grace Tiffin and I'm on a quest to show 1 million children how to use their emotions and imaginations to build their dream lives. 

My Why

There's no denying that Personal Growth is a huge industry. From TED Talks to podcasts to life coaches galore, there's a wealth of resources and support for anyone looking to improve their mental health and happiness- and millions of us want to do just that.


Because despite ticking all of the boxes that society hands to us, a lot of us go well into adulthood without knowing who we really are, what we really want or how to get it. Then, one day, we just can't escape the feeling that something is missing. We then either adopt the "buy something new, move somewhere new, meet someone new" trend, or turn to the open arms of the personal growth industry for an inwards glance at what's going on.

My question: Why not start with personal growth now- in elementary schools: before societal pressures take over, before the analytical mind usurps the throne, before the imagination is used to fuel negative thoughts?

And so, Imagine If was born. In this curriculum:

- Emotional Intelligence is a daily curriculum subject;
- Students learn about the rules of the mind; 
- Students learn about the conscious and subconscious mind; 
- The imagination is ignited through centering and meditation; 
- Children take a look at who they are and who they want to be.

At the moment, Imagine If is being piloted in schools in the UK. We are adapting as we go, listening to feedback and assessing the impact on students. We aim to launch fully in 2023. 

For now, view our Welcome to Space resource for a sneak-peak at how personal growth for kids looks and feels. We're very excited for what's to come!