Private Tutoring Online

Two questions you might be asking yourself right now: 

1. Why study online?
2. Why study online with Miss Tiffin?

Read below to find out...

The Benefits of Online Learning

1. More free time. Meeting via Zoom cuts out travel and traffic, giving families more time in their day. It also saves on costs.
2. Engagement. There's no denying that children and young adults love spending time on their devices. If additional tutoring is required or wanted, why not enhance engagement by taking the lessons online? It's a win-win for everyone.
3. Enhanced technology skills. Technology advances single every day. Learning online requires mastery and management of various software and also enhances typing skills. 
4. Flexibility. Online learning can fit easily around families who travel often, homeschool their children or work from home. 
5. Practise for the future. Thanks to the global pandemic, more people are working from home, which means online meetings are here to stay. Children who practise the art of presenting online will therefore be at an advantage when the workplace beckons.

Reasons to Work with Me

1. My values. My core values are Possibility, Growth, Happiness and Service. Since leaving the classroom, I've been on a quest to help children believe in themselves. I love my job, and I hope to inspire children to invest in their own holistic development.
2. My goal. My end goal is for students to be happy with their progress and leave lessons feeling that there is solution to every problem.
2. My qualifications. I gained Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. Before that, I worked as a solicitor in the North East of England. Law didn't make my soul sing, so I left to pursue a career in education. I have never looked back. 
3. My experience in education. I have 11 years of teaching experience in British international schools around the world. The Philippines was my favourite country. 
4. My online teaching experience. During the online pandemic, I taught my Year 6 class via Zoom for two years. Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm. This is how I know that online learning works.
5. My subject Knowledge. I teach all elementary subjects including math, science, history and geography, but I specialise in reading and writing development. In my last post at the British School Manila, I was English Lead for the Primary school. I also write and sell my stories to primary schools for use in English lessons. 


Click here to view my lesson rates and inclusions. Alternatively, contact me to arrange a chat or a free trial lesson. I'd be happy to hear from you!