Excellence in Writing- Teacher Training for International and Independent Schools

Have you ever have those days at school where you love what you do so much that it doesn't even feel like work? That's how I feel every time I teach a writing lesson- and that's exactly what I want to bring to your school. 
At the British School Manila, one of my goals as English Lead for the Primary school was to take my love of writing and use it to inspire teachers and students from EYFS to Year 6. I wanted teachers to feel motivated and confident, and I wanted students to feel driven and equipped. In essence, I wanted everyone to believe like they were writers.
In June 2022, I left the British School Manila to start Miss Tiffin's Tales- a company dedicated to the provision of elite services in education. The many successes we had in writing at the BSM inspired me to share my workshops and ideas with other international schools. Thus, if your school is reaching for the same goal- to help your teachers and your students believe that they are writers- then I would love to work with you.
Browse our collection of courses and workshops here. For more information, email us at misstiffinstales@gmail.com or DM us on instagram @misstiffinstales.
See you soon!