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Question: I’m a member of the Extended Leadership Team or I'm the the Literacy Lead in my Primary School. Why should we join Miss Tiffin's Tales?

Miss Tiffin's Tales aims to help member schools do the following:

1. Inspire your students to develop a true love of writing.

As the writing coordinator for my current school, one of my roles is to inspire our students to WANT to write. I'm talking about intrinsic motivation- the kind that makes students go home and write, simply for the love of writing. One of the ways we can do this is by planning inspiring lessons. Our unit bundles provide just that, and you'll have access to all of them.

2. Help you to develop learners who are confident in all areas of English, particularly writing.

Writing is challenging. FACT. 

Here are a few things that our students have to contend with whenever we ask them to write:

  • Handwriting, motor skills and presentation; 
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • Syntax and organisation; 
  • Creativity- can I make a text from scratch? 
  • Genre- what were the features of this text type again?
  • Maintaining the interest of the reader- is my content engaging?
  • Meeting individual targets- how can I meet these and make progress?

With our animated tutorials, retrieval practise packages and unit bundles, you'll find a whole host of strategies, resources and activities to inspire confidence in all of your learners, no matter where they are in their English journeys.

3. Support your teachers in their professional development.

Shared practice is the best practise. We all know that! As a member school, you'll have access to continuous professional development for your teachers and educators. Use the pre-recorded sessions to develop your recognised areas of improvement. Many more sessions to come! 

Question: I’m a member of the Extended Leadership Team or I'm the the Literacy Lead in my Primary School. If we join Miss Tiffin's Tales, what do we get?


As a member school, you'll have access to EVERYTHING you see on the site! This includes all of the resources outlined above, plus:

The Unit Bundles for KS1 and KS2

Our bundles follow the UK National Curriculum units for English. They also include global concepts from the IB Primary Years Programme and topics from the International Primary Curriculum. Each one includes:

  • 4 weeks worth of planning;
  • An accompanying text pack to read and analyse in lessons;
  • PowerPoints for each lesson;
  • Differentiated resources for beginning, developing and mastering writers.

These bundles include everything your teachers need to deliver engaging and creative lessons, all of which have been planned using interleaving and spacing for optimum progress and development. They're a "pick up and teach" resource!

Our E-Books- Present and Future!

Miss Tiffin's Tales is currently publishing E-Books. Your school can use these for:

1. Guided Reading. Each book comes with a comprehension pack and ideas for classroom activities. 

2. Reading for Pleasure. Our books, complete with illustrations and child-friendly layouts, are designed to encourage young readers to read, read, read! Print for class reading, share the E-Book link or order hard copies for your school. 

3. To Supplement your English Units. As with our unit bundles, our E-Books are tailored to the UK National Curriculum units for English. For instance, if you're looking at adventures stories in English, then Location Zero can be read in tandem. 

At present, Location Zero, an adventure story for Years 3 and 4, is available to download. With the next three books waiting to be editing and printed, there is lots more to come! Watch this space...

Live Training Sessions for Teachers

Member schools will be given two FREE live training sessions- an opportunity for virtual CPD in English on a curriculum area of your choice. Choose one of the online course topics in our CPD library, or share your school's targets with us for a personalised session. We'll then set up a live webinar, at a time which is convenient for you, and provide CPD along with accompanying handouts and resources. 

Question: How much is the schools membership?

The school membership is £299 per year.

Please note: Members will pay a one-off payment of £299, which will give you access to everything. There is no recurring subscription and there are no additional costs. We hope that you'll rejoin after your first 12 months, but we'll leave that decision completely to you!

Question: When can I join?

Our tech team are setting up the memberships as we speak! We aim to have this up and running by August 17th 2020.