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Question: I’m a teacher. What do I get as a member?

As a member, you'll get access to:

1. Our Animated Tutorials for Students

Our animated tutorials cover the writing objectives from the UK National Curriculum for English. Our team of animators are currently working to create a tutorial for each and every KS1 and KS2 writing objective. New tutorials will be added weekly, with the aim of a full bank of tutorials by the end of the academic year 2020-2021. For an example of our tutorials and the independent tasks set or students, click here.

2. Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

Make your professional development targeted and continuous with our range of online courses. Covering areas of English such as scaffolding writing, poetry, story mapping and interleaving, our pre-recorded sessions can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. More courses to come- I’ll create as I learn- and you’ll have access to them all!

3. Displays, Retrieval and Memory Activities

If your school is teaching using interleaving, spacing and retrieval, then you’ll know all too well the relationship between memory and learning. As a member of Miss Tiffin’s Tales, you’ll have access to our bank of posters and activity cards, all of which cover the writing objectives from the UK National Curriculum for English. Use as memory prompts, for quizzes, transfer and retrieval activities.

4. Reading and Comprehension Packs

Our reading and comprehension packs are built around the UK National Curriculum units for English. Each one uses extracts, texts and models from our complete unit bundles to assess comprehension. They also include optional writing activities for every text. More packs to come, and you’ll have access to them all!

 5. Speaking and Listening Packs

Did you know that reading aloud is a great way to develop confidence and fluency in young readers? That's why I've started to create Speaking and Listening packs- a chance for children to take time away from their screens and desks. With play scripts designed for drama and presentation, these activities are a great way to engage young readers and facilitate classroom or family fun! Set your stage in the school hall, corridor, garden, kitchen or the living room! Then, choose your role and perform. Props and costumes are optional!

6. Home Learning for Students and Parents

For students and parents who wish to continue their learning over half-term breaks and holidays, look no further! In our home learning packs, you’ll find a five-day lesson planner; daily videos outlining tasks; PPTs for each lesson; and an independent activity for students. Use to extend or support classroom learning, or as a fun optional activity. More to come, and all for you!

7. Access to a Virtual Community 

As members, you'll be invited to virtual coffee mornings (or wine evenings) where we'll get together to cover topics such as planning, curriculum, behaviour management, CPD, online teaching, job applications and more. You'll also receive our newsletter with updates on latest resources and teaching strategies. There'll also be an opportunity to be featured on our website, should you wish to share a resource, an idea or a success story with the world!

Question: How much is the teacher membership?

The teacher membership is $50.00 per year.

Please note: Members will pay a one-off payment of $50.00, which will give you access to all of the above products for 12 months. There is no recurring subscription and there are no additional costs. We hope that you'll rejoin after your first 12 months, but we'll leave that decision completely to you!

Question: When can I join?

Our tech team are setting up the memberships as we speak! We aim to have this up and running by August 17th 2020. 

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