Imagine If- Using kids' Inner Gifts to Create their Dream Lives

Hello everyone and welcome to Imagining You with Miss Tiffin. I'm so happy to be sharing my ideas and resources with you today. My syllabus, designed to compliment traditional curriculum subjects, shows children how to use their emotions and imaginations to create their dream lives. It teaches them how to understand their minds, manage their emotions and ignite their imagination.


To get them from wherever they are to wherever the want to be. 

Imagining You has two main segments: 
1. Imagine If (to work alongside a school's Literacy curriculum)
2. Unshakeable Me (to compliment PHSE or wellbeing studies)


Imagine If

The resources in this segment are designed to develop the imagination and creativity of EVERY child. Using meditation practices such as centering, lessons aim to relax the conscious mind, allowing children to access their wonderful imaginations. Over time, children will learn the art of mental relaxation, they'll discover how to flex their minds like a muscle, and they'll gain access to an abundance of creative ideas they never knew they had.

Sessions are specifically designed to enhance your current Literacy curriculum, and can therefore be readily applied to the beginning of every English lesson, regardless of your lesson objective or chosen text. If time is tight, sessions can be taught separately, for instance after registration or before afternoon lessons and once purchased, videos and resources are yours to keep- no expiry dates and no limits on views.

Why Imagine If?

There is a common misconception that our imaginations dwindle or slow as we get older. This simply isn't true- we just change the focus from dreams of hope to dreams of fear. We swap the make-believe for the worst-case scenario, and we trade possibility for limitation. The worst part? We see it as "realism."

I want to change that for the next generation. 

Imagine if kids learnt the power of their subconscious minds whilst they're super suggestible and imaginative?
Imagine if kids were trained to visualise all that could they be, instead of all that might happen to them? 
Imagine if children realised their natural talents and could see their unique path to happiness?
Imagine if children used their imaginations for good?

That's what Imagine If aims to achieve. 

Click here to see a brief curriculum outline and to discover which of our learning packs could work for you. 

Unshakeable Me

If you could name one thing that you wish you were taught at school, what would it be? For me, it would be the astounding power of our EMOTIONS. 

Charge our thoughts. 
Have a first-class ticket to the subconscious mind. 
Incite our imaginations. 
Write the script of our lives. 
...And most people have no idea how to manage them. 
Why? Because we were never taught. I for one had no idea that emotions literally make us who we are. Until now.

Whilst Mindfulness is making a dent in the school systems of some countries, there's still a ways to go in this area. Unshakeable Me aims to fill the gaps, providing a comprehensive, emotional intelligence syllabus to show children EVERYWHERE the overwhelming importance of our emotions. 

Unshakeable Me delves into how:

-Our thoughts create our realities; 
- Our emotions charge our thoughts and help them to grow in the garden of the subconscious; 
- Negative emotions limit us; 
- Positive emotions free us; 
- Our power is in the now; 
- Our subconscious minds can be coded for success and happiness; 
- Everyone and anyone can do this. 

Imagining You

Whether you opt for Imagine If or Unshakeable Me (or both), my Imagining You curriculum begins with Mind Mastery. This is the first step for students to understand their minds. Watch the video below, view our resources and please get in touch if I can help you or your school become an Imagine Intelligence classroom!

Happy teaching, everyone :)