SOS Curriculum Mapping in English, Whole School Design (12 weeks)

SOS Curriculum Mapping in English, Whole School Design (12 weeks)

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Primary school leaders...

Do you recognise the need for change in your English curriculum, not just in one or two year groups, but across the whole school?

Are you looking to breathe life into your English lessons and foster a renewed love of Literacy amongst teachers and students alike?

Are you determined to boost reading and writing progress and move far beyond where you are now?

If so, we can support you! Whether you're looking to raise standards through a prescriptive model or to inspire teachers and students with creative curriculum content, our English Curriculum SOS can help your school to reach its goals.

Program Outline 

Phase One: Analysis and Evaluation (2 weeks)

The program will begin with a meeting between myself and your leadership team to discuss where you are and where you want to be. We'll discuss your school's journey, its assets and its challenges. After that, I'll conduct an in-depth analysis of your school's current English curriculum: planning documents, slides and materials, strategies and methods. I'll also meet with teachers to get their feedback and ideas. After this, an evaluation will be made with suggestions on how to move forward. 

*I recognise that each school is unique and has to stay true to its core values and ethos. I recognise too, that your students are equally unique, and so my evaluation will not suggest a "one size fits all" approach. Instead, I intend to work with you to design a tailored curriculum that works for you, your teachers and your students. Let's keep what works and suggest areas for improvement.*

Phase Two: Curriculum Design (2 weeks)

Using your school's chosen curriculum (UK National curriculum, IB PYP, IPC) I'll prepare and design a new whole school curriculum outline- one which is progressive, relevant and engaging, and one which meets your whole school goals. This will be presented to the Primary Leadership team and can be reviewed and edited as necessary.

Phase Three: Implementation, Planning and Training (4 weeks)

Change takes time, effort and support- and I'll be there every step of the way. Once your new curriculum has been approved, I'll work with year groups to create their medium and short-term plans, mapping out the remainder of the academic year. I'll also work with year groups to plan and resource their next English units. Over the course of the four weeks, training and CPD will be provided in any necessary areas. This can range from subject knowledge (grammar, syntax, spelling, creative writing, non-fiction and poetry) to teaching strategies (shared writing, modeled writing, scaffolding ideas, story mapping and comprehension). We'll cover everything you need- a personalised program made for your school. 

Phase Four: Observations and Reflections (2 weeks)

When your new curriculum is in full swing and everyone is on board, I'll support you in conducting a round of observations to assess the impact of the new model. We'll then finish with reflections and next steps.

Program Duration

I'll support your school for 10 weeks. That's 10 weeks from the initial analysis to the end goal of a fully-functioning, tailor-made English curriculum which fosters a true love of English amongst students and teachers. 

To find out more about my qualifications and experience in curriculum design, click here. Also, please email us at or message us on our instagram handle @misstiffinstales. 

I'd love to hear from you!