Writing Mastery for All, Whole School Training (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)

Writing Mastery for All, Whole School Training (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)

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Does your school have a diverse, international and multicultural environment?

Are you working with talented, bilingual and multilingual students?

Do your students have varying experience, understanding and passion for reading and writing? 

If so, our English Mastery for All training could add depth and zest to your English curriculum. 

For the past 11 years, I've taught in British International schools around the world, allowing me the privilege of working with a host of talented students, many of whom were fluent in two or three languages. During that time, I developed many teaching strategies aimed at making writing lessons accessible, engaging and motivating for all. 

English Mastery for All, Course Outline

This workshop is 4 hours in duration. This can be split into two sessions or ran as one morning or afternoon INSET if your school timetable allows. 

Structure and Set Up

Part One (1.5 hours- presentation and training)

- A range of writing techniques for bilingual and multilingual students; 

- Vocabulary enrichment; 

- Shared, guided and modeled writing for language development; 

- Spacing and retrieval to make language stick;

- Low Ceiling, High Threshold activities versus differentiation and scaffolding; and

- Assessment of understanding and progress in writing. 

Part Two (2.5 hours- presentation and training)

Part two of this course involves planning with teaching teams. Depending on cohort sizes, I'll support year groups in planning their next English unit, looking specifically at the language needs of each class. Together, prepare models and activities for upcoming classes and consider next steps. 

*This workshop is available face-to-face or online. For face-to-face workshops, additional travel costs may be added depending on the location of your school.*

Please email us at misstiffinstales@gmail.com or message our instagram @misstiffinstales for more information.