I'm Struggling- Poetry Lesson

I'm Struggling- Poetry Lesson

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If you're looking for a lesson on challenge and struggle, this activity is for you! 

Attached, you'll find my model poem entitled Struggle, which shares the things and events which challenge me, and the ways in which I overcome my struggles. Click the title of the document to watch the modelled writing video, and then let your students write their own!

Further ideas:

Afterwards, you could post your poems on a padlet for the other students in your class to read. As you read, you could:

1. Look for connections. Are there any shared areas of struggle?

2. Look for similar strategies. Do we manage/overcome our struggles in the same ways? Does anyone have a good strategy that we could try?

3. Create a "spot their signs" quiz as a way of getting to know each other. I.E. who finds rugby challenging? Who struggles with early mornings? Who listens to music to calm down?

I hope you enjoy this lesson!

Miss Tiffin