Private Meditation and Creative Visualisation Classes for Kids (10 sessions)

Private Meditation and Creative Visualisation Classes for Kids (10 sessions)

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Could your child improve their concentration skills?

Could they benefit from enhanced focus, attention and retention? 

Would they like to learn how to connect with and use their wonderful imagination for good?

If so, my Meditation and Creative Visualisation classes could be for you. Using my Mind Mastery curriculum, Imagine If, I'll take students on an inward journey. Together, we'll discover how to tune-out the hustle and bustle of daily life to tap into our imaginations. Through a series of centering and meditation activities for kids, I'll show students how to relax their minds, focus their attention and listen to their inner voices. We'll play mind movies, visualise characters and visit worlds- all skills designed to slow the conscious mind enough to let ideas and inspiration flow. 

Not only will these activities compliment their Literacy studies, but they'll take your child on a journey to discover their inner calm and limitless potential. 

What you'll Get:

- 10 lessons, 1 hour each; 

- Videos for home use; 

- Personalised lessons (i.e. we'll test concentration and creativity based on your child's goals. Perhaps it's reading, perhaps writing. Perhaps math or problem solving. Perhaps it's emotional intelligence. I'll take a tailored approach to progress.)

- Parent-teacher meetings as and when required to discuss learning goals and desired outcomes. 


Book a free trial lesson today. If you're in Ericeira, Portugal, classes can be face-to-face. Otherwise, lessons will be conducted online via Zoom.